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Improve sleep by lowering the temperature of your bed!
Yes, this can help! The empirical research in this area of ambient temperature and sleep quality has consistently demonstrated that[...]
How does the brain perform on ketones?! (ketogenic diet)
Remember when your high school biology teacher said that the brain absolutely NEEDS glucose to function? Well, that’s not entirely[...]
The two most important core elements of every business
Long ago Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, made a very profound observation that has been lost in the[...]
This technique alone will increase your productivity by at least 50%!
The Pomodoro Technique can help you power through distractions, hyper-focus, and get things done in short bursts, while taking frequent[...]
Skip some activities but still get the result you’re after?!
What if you could skip some activities but still get the result you're after?! Tony Robbins teaches an excellent tool[...]
Did you know this about your brain?
Did you know this about your brain? Who here has ever experienced the weird phenomenon that when you buy a[...]

At Peak Performance Panther we are obsessed with finding new strategies, science and tools to compress decades of learning new skills into months or weeks.

How is it that certain people seem to have it all figured out? They outperform everybody and look like the're living the dream. All these people have something in common: they followed the same path of learning the strategies and skills to be able to perform at such high level.

Success is not only for the people who are wicked smart or are a member of the "lucky sperm club" so that they start their lives with a lot of wealth. Success is the result of a simple set of habits practiced everyday.

To help you find which habits you want to practice to become an absolute master in a specific area of your life - we are committed to providing you with the latest and best science and tools on the topic of health and business so that you can 10X your growth and live the life you deserve!

On the blog you"ll find cutting-edge information and topics like


How do I start a business

How to raise capital?

How to do world-class marketing for your company?

and much more!


How can I think twice as fast?

How to never get sick again?

What diet supports which lifestyle the best?

and much more!

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